Holland Furnace Coal Grates Are In Stock

We are one of the very few suppliers of cast iron coal grate replacements for Holland Furnaces.

We have grate sizes #190 #220 # 250 and #280 in stock! Give us a call and you can have one delivered to your door.

Holland Furnaces Make Warm Friends!

13 thoughts on “Holland Furnace Coal Grates Are In Stock

  1. I have a Holland 250AA in our basement, i have been told it was a coal burner, but it has been used with wood for many years. Where can I get more information about this furnace, and also find out if any parts are missing and what it is worth?

  2. I have a Holland 190A that has been used for at least 20 years for burning wood. Unfortunately it burns wood extremely fast due to a couple of covers that need replaced. Is there any place i could locate replacement parts? I love the furnace it works great. just burns a little excessively.

  3. Holland model 50. We have a complete Holland model 50 furnace that we will be removing. Unit has been converted to gas sometime ago and is working normally . The reason is, in Boulder they have regulations regarding rental housing. This unit as you probably well know it’s not very efficient. Thus we will be taking it out. Are you interested in this ? Or is it basically scrap.

  4. We have an old Holland 250AA furnace previously used with a coal stoker. We are looking for the grate and lower door to fit it. If anyone has any information please contact us. Thanks.

    1. Hi Pete, I was wondering if you came across any parts for your 250AA furnace I am currently looking for a grate for mine.

  5. I have a Holland 190 A , how much would a grate cost? Also the bottom Ash door is missing, do you know if that part is available? Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. thanks

  6. I have a Holland furnace 220A still using it . it has been converted to natural gas looks like a dragon spiting fire in the fire box it has the 10″ ducks coming from the top like a octopus how old do you think it is.

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